ZUBR Has Become a Leader in the NMN Industry at Home and Abroad

As the global economy continues to grow and life expectancy continues to rise, the proportion of elderly people aged 65 years and above continues to increase, and global attention to health issues continues to increase. The life expectancy issue has become one of the ultimate problems that mankind has continued to strive to solve in the history of mankind. In recent years, global academic research has shown that NMN has become a consensus anti-aging health care product.

The full name of NMN is β-nicotinamide mononucleotide, which is the precursor for the synthesis of NAD+ (coenzyme I) in the human body. Since NAD+ is a coenzyme for hundreds of important metabolic enzymes in cells, it also participates in many important cellular processes as a signal molecule. It is closely related to energy metabolism, glycolysis, DNA replication and other activities. NMN can increase the level of NAD+ in the body and is considered a health product with anti-aging functions. Compared with other products, NMN products enhance NAD+ and have the advantages of non-toxic side effects and high conversion efficiency. At present, the academic community has confirmed that NMN has the following 10 major functions: support NAD+ production (NAD+ is an indicator of aging in the body), activate longevity protein/gene SIRTUINS, repair DNA damage, support energy production, enhance metabolism, help enhance physical endurance and vitality, and helps improve blood vessel and muscle physiology, helps weight management, helps brain and heart health, helps improve insulin sensitivity, etc.

As one of the world-class academic achievements, Professor David Sinclair of Harvard University used NMN raw materials and published the research results of NAD+ reversing blood aging in the top academic journal “Cell”. From the age of 30, the NAD+ content in the body decreases significantly. At the age of 60, the level of NAD+ is less than a quarter of that of young people. This means that after 60 years of age, there are many biochemical and metabolic reactions in the human body that cannot be efficiently carried out. Therefore, the older the age, the more health problems become.

How to effectively supplement NMN? According to the FDA’s principle of equivalence, a 70Kg adult should be supplemented with 300mg of NMN per day, and an adult with the same amount of NMN needs to eat 32~128kg of edamame, or 54~240kg of broccoli. It is less efficient to supplement NMN through food sources in nature, and NMN products can achieve this effect faster. After taking NMN in the human body, the study found that the NAD+ content in the body increased significantly after 5 minutes, and the supplement effect was significantly improved.

ZUBR® from the United States is a high-tech company focusing on anti-aging research and product development for a long time. Headquartered in New York, USA, ZUBR® brand Slogan is Anti-aging From Young, advocating the life concept of “anti-aging while young”. ZUBR® introduces anti-aging explosives such as NMN to the United States, Europe and Asia, bringing a healthy lifestyle of “anti-aging while young” to hundreds of millions of middle-class people around the world. ZUBR® has the core production qualifications of health care products such as FDA, NSF GMP, and has mastered core production technology. According to the laboratory test results of US Pharmatech, ZUBR® NMN developed by biological enzymatic method has the characteristics of high purity, high absorption and conversion rate, and the effective purity is higher than that of products in the same industry.

At present, ZUBR® has many flagship products such as NMN Pro and NMN Honor, and the product line fully meets the needs of different users. Among them, the NMN Pro product comes in small bottles, which is currently the only product on the market with a weekly pack (14 capsules) as a unit, which is especially suitable for urban white-collar people to carry during their daily commuting. Each bottle of NMN Pro contains 14 high-concentration NMN capsules, which can be used for a week, and each time it is taken, it can supplement 340mg NMN and 100mg resveratrol. NMN Honor provides a more powerful dose of NMN, suitable for reuse in the morning at home. It can supplement 480mg of NMN and 100mg of resveratrol each time. Each bottle provides 90 capsules for 45 days of continuous use.

Overseas, ZUBR® has won praise from a large number of users with its excellent product strength. Bryan Gunn, an automotive industry designer from Ohio, USA, said, “After taking it, I feel my body is full of vitality, my sleep quality has unexpectedly improved, and I feel my mind is clearer”. Dean Norris, a fund manager from Wall Street in New York, United States, said, “Day 1: 2 capsules in the morning, the body has a significant reaction in the afternoon, and fatigue is reduced; Day 2: 2 capsules in the morning, I feel more clear-headed; 4, 5 days: One hour after each consumption, you can feel your mind becomes clearer and no longer tired; 6th and 7th days: More energy and weight loss than before.” Peter Gould, a Java development engineer from California, said, “Since taking it, I have been very stable and sustained vitality throughout the day. This is an experience I haven’t had before trying other health foods.”

ZUBR® officially entered the Asian market in 2019, using word of mouth as the lifeline of the company’s survival and development. At the same time, in combination with the actual needs of the Asian market, the product price is reduced to a level that can be purchased by the general public while meeting the effective dose. We have reason to believe that ZUBR® will soon become the leading brand in the field of anti-aging health food.

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