Star Enterprise, the decentralized joint agreement created by the Geek Alliance will be launched soon

At the end of September, by the Singapore pole off Union is committed to creating of a virtual and decentralized world can interact with native joint agreement star enterprise, (Chinese name: Star Enterprise System) will be formally launched.

The system aims to change monopolized and suppressed individuals through the alliance of the meta-universe, unite 500 pioneers to form an autonomous alliance , get rid of the constraints of geographic location and physical space, conduct virtual surveys, investment, and resource interaction, and empower the original world; based on The NFT features of the underlying technology of the blockchain can be simplified to generate : intellectual property right confirmation, equity digitization, resource interaction, STO, etc., linking global high-quality resources to promote global industrial collaboration digitization.

As a new generation of NFT infrastructure, SPE’s ecosystem accelerates the integration and innovation of the encrypted world and the traditional world, and provides complete on-chain services to more participants. So, what are the SPE ecological applications?

First, digital asset interaction. SPE token is the only pass for the entire ecological application, which can be used to exchange NFT digital equity of alliance assets, enjoy the profits of real assets, and realize the interaction between virtual assets and original assets, thereby opening up the real world and the meta-universe world.

Secondly, NFT. In the SPE application ecology, NFT is divided into three application layers: finance, pan-secondary market, and vertical field. As the underlying asset, the financial application layer NFT provides liquidity agreements for NFT pricing and agreements for realizing mortgage lending. Improve the liquidity of NFT, and at the same time, NFT is also used as the underlying asset to realize the agreement of mortgage lending, similar to the asset management tool of the upper layer of the DeBank industry chain in DeFi. The main performance of the pan-secondary market is the NFT trading platform of NFTs produced by the casting platform. In the vertical field, the global high-quality NFT team can join the SPE Geek Alliance for investment and private equity.

Third, chain games. Meta universe is a huge new world composed of games and virtual spaces. Using VR/AR technology, SPE can generate in-game assets, such as skins, weapons, and anything your character uses, as non-replaceable NFTs. They really got the ownership and not just the right to use it. 

Fourth, the digitalization of STO enterprises. SPE uses the token economy and decentralized corporate governance, and the transformation of modern production relations, allowing companies to enter the era of digital economy. Through the “chain reform”, traditional enterprises can save costs , improve the efficiency of the value industry chain, and bring more profit margins.

Fifth, SPE Finance. SPE will provide all ecological participants with comprehensive financial services on the chain. Based on smart contracts, the decentralization, fairness and transparency of the financial system on the SPE chain can be ensured to the greatest extent. On the one hand, SPE combines investment and financial management with DeFi, allowing customers to easily manage their digital currency investment portfolio to maximize their benefits. On the other hand, SPE mortgage lending will provide network participants with a decentralized digital currency banking system, which will ensure user safety by avoiding digital currency price fluctuations and malicious hacker attacks.

Finally, SPE partners. This mechanism aims to unite 500 pioneers to form an autonomous alliance, get rid of time and space constraints, conduct virtual inspections, investment, and resource interaction, and empower the original world. Link high-quality global resources to promote the digitization of global industrial collaboration.

SPE’s six application ecosystems empower enterprises and individuals to innovate and develop, open up a new chapter in the era, and create wealth legends.

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