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Since the birth of mankind, we seem to have never experienced lasting peace and prosperity. We have tried our best to build one civilization after another, but because of lack of trust and coordination, it always disappeared immediately. In the evolution of the universe, humans have walked for millions of years, but even though they have faced countless difficulties together, they still cannot understand each other in the end.

Just when we were about to lose confidence, the emergence of blockchain relighted our hopes. The greatness of decentralized consensus is that code is more reliable than human nature, and “Code is Law” can last the development of civilization. Decentralization allows independent thoughts to shine like stars, and at the same time allows trillions of individuals to reach a commendable consensus on the identification of rules and trends, and enable the collaboration between humans to reach an unprecedented height and breadth.

In the collaboration between many humans, MetaPay shines with the brightest light, guiding us towards eternity.

Why is MetaPay followed by the public?

We know that the existing global payment system relies on the establishment of various centralized governments, central banks and some third-party payment institutions. There seems to be no problem with the existing payment system, it has very fatal flaws.

Firstly, the fully centralized governance system makes the system very easy to be attacked by hackers, and once it is attacked, it will cause catastrophic consequences. Secondly, the high transfer fees and management fees have seriously harmed the interests of users. Thirdly, when it comes to cross-border transfers and payments, the speed and efficiency will be greatly reduced, which is not conducive to the development of commercial trade.

Based on these market pain points, the founding team of MetaPay put forward the idea of ​​meta-financial payment.

Meta Finance, derived from Metaverse, is committed to the construction of virtual and real payment infrastructure,is a safe and efficient Meta financial payment ecosystem based on the Ethereum Layer 2 expansion protocol developed by genius blockchain technology geeks. The main direction is cross-chain payment and ecological construction of virtual assets, including decentralized payment , pledge, liquidity mining, NFT aggregator, etc.

The reason why MetaPay can carry the efficient and complicated payment requirements is because of its strong cryptographic algorithm. It uses the discrete logarithm encryption and elliptic curve encryption which are commonly used in modern public key crypto systems. At the same time, it uses the non-interactive zk-SNARKs zero-knowledge proof system to completely address the issue of transactions being traced to expose user privacy.

MetaPay adopts the Layer 2 technology based on Ethereum, and achieves a flash payment experience comparable to Internet products through expansion of the off-chain channel. In addition to the extremely fast payment experience, there is no handling fee in the off-chain channel, which effectively solves the problems of slow speed and high gas fee of the Ethereum.

It is mainly achieved through the following three aspects:

Two-way payment channel

Two participants create a ledger entry on the blockchain, which requires the two participants to sign any fund expenditures. Both parties create transactions that return ledger entries to their respective allocations, but do not broadcast them to the blockchain. They can update the personal distribution of ledger entries by creating many transaction expenditures from the current ledger entry output. Only the latest version is valid, which is enforced by smart contract scripts that can be analyzed by the blockchain. By broadcasting the latest version to the blockchain, any party can close the entry at any time without any trust or custody.

Lightning Network

By creating a network of two-party ledger entries, you can find a path across the network, similar to routing data packets on the Internet. The nodes on the path are not trusted because the payment is executed through a script that enforces atomicity (the entire payment succeeds or fails) by decrementing the time lock. In order to expand Lightning Network in Layer 2, MetaPay incorporates two basic protocols, RSMC (Revocable Sequential Maturity Contract) and HTLC (Hash Clocked Contract) in the transaction verification process of the underlying protocol which is to build the Fund pool on Layer 2 and the establishment  of payment channels.

The Lightning Network on Layer 2 has many advantages. The first is instant determinism. As long as the signatures of all parties pass the status update, the status will be “confirmed” without waiting for block confirmation on the blockchain; Secondly, The status update is off-chain, and peer-to-peer communication can guarantee privacy. Only the final status will be submitted to the blockchain. Finally, there is a low gas fee. The Lightning Network only needs to settle and clear the fees on the blockchain when the channel is opened and closed. At other times, no matter how the two parties update in the channel, the transaction is free.

Blockchain arbitration mechanism

It is possible to conduct transactions outside the blockchain without restrictions. It is also possible to conduct off-chain transactions with the confidence that it is executable on the blockchain. This is similar to the way one person enters into many legal contracts with others, but there is no arbitration every time a contract is signed. By making transactions and scripts parseable, smart contracts can be executed on the blockchain. Only in the case of non-cooperation, arbitration will be intervened. But for blockchain, the result is certain.

There is no doubt that the technical team of MetaPay understands the pain points of the current market very well. Through the above three points, MetaPay can completely break the congestion of existing Ethereum network transactions and achieve the best transaction speed in the entire network.

The MetaPay system with advantages such as instant payment, high scalability, low cost and cross-chain will help mankind get rid of the shackles of the existing payment system and realize the ultimate dream of payment freedom.

If you think MetaPay’s planning stops at payment, then you are wrong. After completes the payment infrastructure, it will use Meta NFT as the starting point to fully deploy the metaverse ecology.

Let’s first look at the layout of Meta NFT. It aims to build the world’s largest NFT asset and financial derivatives trading platform with the richest ecology and the strongest technical strength.

Therefore, Meta  NFT is integrating more than 100 animation IP and 1,000 global artists and collecting more than 5,000 contemporary artworks as a reserve. Users will be free to trade NFT assets including artwork and real estate in Meta NFT.

In addition to NFT asset trading, Meta NFT allows users to mint their custom NFT assets.

Users can directly create NFTs in Meta NFT Layer 2, and the changes in the state of the world in the system are similar to recharging NFTs. Web, Mobile App and API-based user interfaces to the Mint smart contract will be developed to make asset creation and management a simple process. The following parameters define a new custom asset:

Currently, MetaPay has completed the construction of the development team, the internal structure of the functional prototype, and is focusing on the development of the first version of MetaPay. Although the development work is still in progress, MetaPay has completed the internal angel round of fundraising and is in the process of private sales. At present, it has received preliminary investment intentions from global leading institutions such as CMS, AU21, DFG, NGC, Rarestone, LinkPad, etc.

As of press time, the MetaPay team is still intensively developing. It is believed that users will be able to directly use MetaPay and NFT asset trading shortly. We are very much to see it soon.

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