Los Angeles Posture Correction Exercises: ABC Chiropractic Services Announced

Dr. Allen Bonilla, D.C. brings a new way of working with the body to Los Angeles residents looking to correct their posture and reduce pain and tension without medication or invasive surgery.

More details can be found at http://www.ifixposture.com

One of the postural concerns Allen Bonilla, D.C. treats using the newly announced techniques is kyphosis – a forward curvature of the spine that can cause stiffness, pain, and fatigue. There are several causes for the condition, such as poor posture, congenital factors, and age-related spinal changes. According to research, kyphosis tends to increase with age and shows a higher prevalence in people over 40.

Patients at the clinic receive a personally tailored plan drawn from multiple chiropractic therapies to relieve pain and tension and fix postural imbalances. “Special techniques and training help us offer uniquely different solutions. Our approach doesn’t just offer relief from back and neck pain, but also results in a lighter, easier upright posture different from anything you may have ever experienced,” said Dr. Bonilla.

Depending on their needs, patients may be treated using the Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) technique. ABC is a cutting-edge full-body method that corrects biomechanical misalignments and optimizes musculoskeletal function. Dr. Bonilla also specializes in the Gonstead Technique which focuses on restoring balance with precise, localized adjustments.

In conjunction with other therapies and posture exercises, patients may also receive Endonasal Cranial Correction (ENT or ECC) to gently realign the cranial bones and improve their skull alignment and breathing patterns. In addition, Dr. Bonilla provides the Nasal Release Technique (NRT) and Nasal Specific Technique (NST).

Dr. Allen Bonilla, D.C. has over 18 years of experience and holds certifications in multiple disciplines to provide his patients with solutions for a wide range of conditions. His practice has received numerous 5-star reviews online.

A satisfied patient said: “Dr. Bonilla is what I call a ‘chiropractor’s chiropractor’, meaning that as a chiropractor myself, I can thoroughly appreciate his depth of knowledge and adjusting technique to the extent that I am thrilled to get treatment from him for my own personal needs. He is kind, caring, and has those personal skills that also make being seen by him enjoyable.”

Interested parties can find more information at http://www.ifixposture.com

Allen Bonilla, D.C.
+1 424 2725446
5553 West Pico Boulevard

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