Life Coach and Author Eric North, “The Happiness Warrior” Reveals the Truth of Being a Winner Everyday

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New York City, New York Feb 15, 2024 ( – Life is not easy and every other individual is surviving to make a living where mental wellness and happiness play a vital role in personal growth. Revealing the secrets of achieving eternal happiness, Life Coach and esteemed Author Eric North is here to show the path where one has a winning mentality every day. Also known as “The Happiness Warrior”, Eric’s life coaching skills and wealth of wisdom are acquired through his own life and experiences and he knows exactly what a person needs to grow in life. He believes that everyone has innate powers and capabilities or tools that can be used with discretion, integrity, and intention. Innate powers that often lie dormant and underdeveloped. The self-created powers that one can use to thrive and win in everyday life.

It’s a proven fact that a great life can truly be created when both the attitude and mindset of an individual are aligned and synergistic. The energy that is put forth as people broaden their perspective and trust in their authenticity, a state of mind where one knows that every day offers a chance to do better. It requires a dignified belief and faith in self that everyone deserves to be happier. Only then, a winning mentality can be achieved with an overwhelming desire to make life more fulfilling and meaningful. A winning mindset requires the belief in own thoughts and actions that can make life happier and more fulfilling for everyone. Eric says that one can craft a self-created formula with confidence, authenticity, and wisdom that helps to play through the puzzle called, life.

The Happiness Warrior believes that it is a world where perspective is subjective. He further emphasizes never forgetting the fact that life is a game played best when one seeks to win. No matter how much freedom one believes to possess, there will always be rules and restrictions that are flexible or fall into a gray area but are intractable and rigid. Eric believes that most of the rules from the past are best forgotten or reexamined as now is always the time for reinvention. Every individual has their terms of life some choose to be independent and some want to operate better as a team. No matter the difference in goals or ambition the winning mindset remains the same. Life-affirming individuals are those who trust in themselves and know that they have the power to make the world better. One who begins each day with a powerful self-affirmation and belief that they can win. With all fears forgotten, one can be ready for the next battle.

Eric North, also known as The Happiness Warrior explains that winning should align with one’s core values and inherent beliefs which makes it and first step to take a closer look at what means the most and prioritize relationships, career, fitness, health, and personal development. Eric offers the healthy practices of being a winner in life that starts with understanding the true meaning of life. By removing fear and indecision, one can find the true magic of life which is timeless. The next step is to experience the process fully and understand how much one can learn each step of the way. The result isn’t always the happiest segment of the journey. However, there is a sense of knowing and adventure to be found with every step taken. Eric assures that more thrill and excitement can be found in the process. The next step is to embrace the crooked path and welcome detours with a sense of adventure. An individual also needs to celebrate authenticity, and weirdness, and reject conformity. Eric asks everyone to be weird, be original, live in truth, and self-acceptance. Authentic people are always winners and champions of their destiny.

Eric believes that there is no ending to life until one is finished with it and to understand that, one must acquire a winning mentality. They have to develop core values that will always guide us in the right direction. Then comes understanding the difference between learning and losing. One must learn to adapt and rise again to become stronger leaders. Eric advises everyone to learn to lose like a warrior and use the experience to benefit the greater good. Humor is also one of the greatest elements of survival which leads to a happier life. The truth will always reveal itself in the end and to witness it, one must practice diplomacy and be a goodwill ambassador. Vulnerability, Generosity, and Adaptability are crucial to find the answers, hidden in universal signals. Eric North, The Happiness Warrior is here to turn everyone into a winner with his knowledge and vision. Find out the route to happiness at

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