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As part of the government’s continuous efforts to provide safety for students and teachers, this order emphasizes transparency and accountability around current school safety planning.


Tennessee Governor Bill Lee’s Executive Order 97 calls for mandatory training for all armed school security guards. Part of a larger group of initiatives to enhance school safety, the order is an important step to ensure that security guards stay active and take proactive measures to secure children and teachers during school shootings.

JS Security Consulting offers a comprehensive active shooter training course based on the famous A.L.I.V.E. program. A.L.I.V.E. stands for Assess, Leave, Impede, Violence, and Expose. Armed school security guards who undergo this specialized course can enhance their skills to respond more effectively during active shooter situations.

According to Executive Order 97, security personnel at schools are required to undergo an 8-hour active shooter certification class every year. The order is effective from 1 July 2023. It would be a Class A misdemeanor for an armed security guard providing patrol or security services in or at a public school, a public charter school, or a church-related school to not undergo the training.

Whether they’re directly employed by the school or are contracted through a security services company, the training is mandatory for all armed security guards employed at the above-mentioned schools. The move is aimed at not only strengthening physical security at schools but also implementing a more effective and practical approach to school security.

JS Security Consulting: Leading the Way in Enhancing School Security

The in-person active shooter training course needs to be completed under a state-certified trainer or any group, organization, or individual approved by the department. JS Security Consulting, led by our founder Jamie Johnson, is an approved consultancy that offers this mandatory training.

At JS Security, we’ve always believed that the first individuals to respond to an active shooting, such as security guards, need enhanced training. Mere monitoring and patrolling skills won’t be sufficient in such scenarios. What’s needed is domain-specific insights that can bring about quick and demonstrable differences.

As Nashville’s top-rated local security provider, we believe that Governor Lee’s order will not just improve school security but also bring uniformity to the training of armed security guards. With active shooter training from experienced professionals, security guards will have a functional protocol with a series of steps they can take. By removing the need for ad hoc decisions, the training helps guards avoid confusion and brings greater clarity, cohesiveness, and focus to their responses.

A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Training From JS Security

JS Security offers a comprehensive active shooter training course based on the highly effective A.L.I.V.E. program. Developed by Michael Julian, CPI, PPS, and CSP, the program offers a set of simple, actionable, and tested tools to help individuals prepare themselves.

The program empowers individuals with a security and battle mindset to fight their fears. This helps people objectively analyze the situation and take appropriate measures to secure their lives. Uber, Neuralink, DMG, ASIS International, Harbor Division, Michigan State University, Encompass Health, and the U.S. Army are some of the organizations that use the A.L.I.V.E. program to enhance their security.

Jamie Johnson, founder of JS Security with over 30 years of law enforcement experience, is a certified A.L.I.V.E. instructor and has been a partner of Julian for over two years. With over three decades of experience in law enforcement, Jamie is committed to improving safety and security measures in schools to protect children and staff.

What makes JS Security the ideal partner for the active shooter training program is that we use security insights from multiple sectors to deepen our understanding and refine our tactics. Since we offer security guards, property surveillance, and other superior security services, we’re in a unique position to understand a wide range of security threats and the need for domain-specific remedial measures.

Jamie believes that ongoing training is necessary to maximize the safety of people, organizations, and their assets. Constantly incorporating new learnings and methodologies is the most effective way to boost security. That explains why leading corporations trust JS Security for their security needs. Our highly qualified team helps organizations protect themselves and their employees from theft and other criminal acts.

Jamie’s law enforcement experience, proficiency with the A.L.I.V.E. program, knowledge of government requirements, and training expertise make JS Security Consulting the right partner for your school’s active shooter training. Register for the course and take a significant and impactful step to improve your school’s safety.

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