HJW: A Golden Digital Ecosystem Is Forming

Permanent value transmission carrier

Since the ancient times, gold has always been the most ideal credit collateral. From the gold reserve credit guaranty of the country to the gold mortgage loan business provided by banks for individuals and institutions, gold is valuable not only because it is used for value exchange, but also because it is a credit system recognized by the human society. However, due to some problems arising from the physical property of gold, such as inconvenient transfer, complex appraisal procedure, storage risk and high custody cost, the application cost of gold is so high that it cannot be applied in ordinary social life.

The emergence of Bitcoin and its acceptance by the public offers people a possibility of another currency system: Digital currency. Without being limited or constrained by the third-party institutions but with the absolute convenience, it can be transferred all over the world on the Internet. However, since there are a large variety of digital currencies and their value is unstable, Bitcoin is more suitable for investment but not suitable for risk hedging or credit guaranty. By becoming a legal currency, some severe problems of digital currencies like value fluctuation have been solved indeed, but their mechanisms are frequently restricted by financial institutions, so it seems that they are still not very stable. Additionally, due to its inherent anonymity, it cannot be used for endorsement as a credit asset.

Therefore, we need a digital asset which possesses the value storage function of gold and the credit value based on subtle association with its real identity as well as the use convenience as that of digital assets. So, gold digital currency (HJW) is born at the right moment.

What is HJW?

HJW is a gold digital currency issued by anchoring 99.99% gold. By issuing 1 HJW, the project party will serve 1g gold in the third-party authoritative institution for anchoring to ensure the basic price of each piece of gold digital currency. HJW anchors the real gold in the way of online virtual mining currency.

The core value of HJW:

HJW makes use of the blockchain trust mechanism to solve existing credit problems like security, payment, circulation, etc. By virtue of the decentralization, security and transparency of blockchain, the real mine and the virtual mine are perfectly combined, and gold value anchors the digital currency. HJW is the world only digital currency in the true sense. It can resist currency depreciation caused by inflation, realizing hedging and appreciation of your capital.

Different from the traditional paper gold, HJW possesses the ownership value of real capital, gives full play to the circulation property of real gold and realizes digital programming and high-speed flow of gold value, enabling gold assets to widely circulate in the blockchain digital world as a basis digital token (HJW) with actual asset values.

Ecological development of HJW

2021 is a development milestone of HJW.

This year, HJW will launch mining infrastructure, including gold mine field and gold mining machine and make the latest HJW APP go live to realize the comprehensive upgrade of the ecosystem and all-round implementation of the APP to bring the global users with brand-new experience. In the meanwhile, to implement the global strategic layout and planning of HJW ecosystem, HJW will launch in the second half of 2021 the plan of listing in the stock exchange.

HJW is walking into people’s life with a unique gesture, and a gold digital ecosystem is forming.

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