Happier Employees: Revisiting Quiet Quitting and Getting Back to Mentoring. Julie Kantor, CEO, TwoMentor.com Featured in Recent CNBC Article

Julie Silard Kantor, CEO of TwoMentor.com was featured in a CNBC article about how employers are working to make their employees happier by understanding and paying attention to TikTok trends. “I’m super thankful to CNBC for asking me how to combat the growing issues surrounding workplace retention and quiet quitting,” states Julie.

The Quiet Quitting phenomenon sparks conversations about relationships within the workplace. It isn’t the same as quitting a job completely but is finding work/life balance by no longer putting in extra effort beyond a job’s requirements.

According to GQ Magazine, people use ‘quiet quitting’ to deal with burnout. Many Gen Z workers feel overwhelmed and approximately 54% of them are thinking about leaving their job.

It was wrongly assumed that working from home would reduce burnout by having more time for family and hobbies. Zoom was said to have ‘saved the day’ by allowing professionals to work remotely. Research shows that productivity went up significantly, but mental health and wellbeing plummeted. Many struggle with their mental health; 80% of young workers are depressed, anxious and feel disappointed.

Employees miss ‘water cooler’ chats that fostered belonging and trust according to a survey by Pew Research Center. Employees report low pay, little chance to grow, disrespect/disappointment by a companies’ handling of COVID-19b and increased social isolation cause them to ‘quiet quit.’

Organizations are Lowering the Expenses Associated with Staff Turnover by Increasing Mentoring

Many leaders who speak about their professional trajectory or success, refer to having at least one mentor. According to Julie, “at every conference I attended in the past 24 months, the leading piece of advice to young professionals was ‘get a mentor or sponsor’ who can champion you behind closed doors.”

Enhancing employee engagement and tackling problems like ‘quiet quitting’ and disengagement is possible by revisiting the apple-pie but complex world of mentoring initiatives. Companies have successfully increased employee dedication by developing a strong mentoring culture.

Mentoring helps to revitalize the energy of a workforce and fosters an environment that is happy and productive, especially important now.

“Research indicates that mentorship benefits both individuals and companies. A CNBC and SurveyMonkey study found that 89% of employees with mentors feel valued by their colleagues, compared to 75% without mentors.” Source: MentorcliQ

About Twomentor, Employee Engagement Solutions

Founded 9+ years ago, Twomentor is excited and passionate about the power of two in creating strong mentorships, sponsorships, and allyships in the workplace.

Julie and her team at TwoMentor custom-build mentoring initiatives to drive employee engagement and retention and support M&A integrations.

Twomentor’s Services Include:

  • The Flash Mentoring Experience builds trust, connection, and it’s used as a mentor-matching aid.
  • Mentoring in a Box 6 – 9, monthly custom-built initiatives which are a new model for mergers and acquisition unifications.
  • Leadership ‘Living’ Legacy Initiatives.

Twomentor’s Clients Say:

“Twomentor’s ‘Remote, Not Isolated’ series provide a much welcome service in motivating these global teams and for folks to build a new level of trust and empathy with each other.” Vishal Gupta, Former, Global CTO and SVP, Unsisys

“Twomentor’s approach demonstrated how to establish a successful mentoring program. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience an exceptional approach and rewarding connection with a colleague.” Deborah Dagit, Diversity Leader and Participant in IAC Mentoring Program

“I attended a Virtual Flash Mentoring session, and I enjoyed their session so much that our company brought them onboard to host a virtual mentoring session for our two mentoring programs. The mentees and senior mentor leaders were thrilled by the experience and couldn’t wait for us to host another event with Twomentor.” Amy Walker, ERG Program Manager, Fortune 500 Company

Clients Include: Anthem, Baptist Healthcare, COSTCO, NYU, Marriott, Sodexo, National Association of Manufacturers, Entrepreneurs Organization & many more!

About Julie Silard Kantor

Julie Silard Kantor, CEO of TwoMentor.com is known as an “all-in roll-up your sleeves” leader and workforce retention executive, and she’s had a profound impact on helping some of the most highly recognized global and Fortune 500 clients.

She’s spent 30+ years in workforce development and throughout her career, Julie’s helped drive employee engagement, build mentoring cultures, help leaders adapt to hybrid work environments, and acquisitions while instituting needed change to strengthen today’s workforce. She effectively guides companies on how to replace ‘water cooler conversations’ so staff can still connect.

Julie’s passionate about building corporate mentoring cultures to drive a happier and more inclusive workforce to positively impact a company’s growth, productivity, and retention; she instills excitement, inspires commitment, and demonstrates an unwavering drive to succeed on behalf of her clients.

According to Julie, “Workers seek more than a paycheck, they want an experience that values their holistic well-being. This trend highlights the need for mentoring programs, which shows genuine investment in employees, ultimately curbing the ‘quiet quitting’ phenomenon and fostering a supportive workplace culture.”

Twomentor CEO Speaks to over 150 global social entrepreneurs at United Nations, TED-style https://youtu.be/AmqDyey2M20?si=OCxzKAr9Dqezsb6X

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