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Schacher Orthdontics’ latest launch offers patients orthognathic surgery to correct jaw bone imbalances. The clinic specializes in early years assessment and procedures, harnessing the physiological growth potential of children to reshape impaired anatomical structures associated with over or underbite conditions.

More details can be found at https://www.myorthodontist.ca/orthognathic-surgery

The announcement reveals details of Schacher Orthodontics’ expertise in identifying potential dental and facial impairments at an early stage, avoiding more complex issues that are harder to correct once permanent teeth have fully erupted.

According to the Mayo Clinic, orthognathic surgery corrects irregularities in the jaw, realigning bone structure and teeth to improve both function and appearance. While standard orthodontic treatment can correct many directional growth issues, Orthognathic procedures are necessary for more severe cases although dental braces are often worn prior to, and after, treatment.

Schacher Orthodontics can provide relief from symptoms such as impaired chewing, biting, swallowing, and unclear speech. Over, open, or underbite issues can also cause significant pain among sufferers. Uneven growth and jaw structure can also cause uneven wearing on teeth that can lead to dental discomfort and long-term issues.

All patients receive a comprehensive examination to ascertain if any teeth need to be removed in advance of orthognathic surgery. This is sometimes necessary to accommodate the jaw being realigned into its correct position. The clinic coordinates all aspects of the procedure with the maxillofacial surgical team at a designated hospital.

Schacher Orthodontics provide post-surgical support to all patients, overseeing and advising on the recovery phase of treatment. Braces are commonly required after an orthognathic procedure to ensure teeth and bite profile develop correctly.

About Schacher Orthodontics

Founded and led by Dr. Victor Schacher – a highly-skilled orthodontic consultant and technician with a background in human growth and development research. Dr. Schacher is currently a visiting professor at Eastman Dental Center in Rochester, NY – a highly regarded orthodontic training center with an impressive global reputation.

A spokesperson says, “Some children can be treated as early as 4 years of age for jaw problems. In cases of patients with jaw discrepancies, the earlier they see the orthodontist the better.”

With its latest launch, Schacher Orthodontics continues to set the standard for pediatric jaw realignment in the Simcoe, ON area and beyond.

For more information, please visit https://www.myorthodontist.ca/orthognathic-surgery

Schacher Orthodontics – Simcoe
Schacher Orthodontics – Simcoe

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