Dr. Daniel Hale Williams Middle School 180 Unveils “You-Topias: My World, My Rules” – A Journey Across Students’ Imaginary Worlds

United States, 26th Jun 2024, King NewsWire – Dr. Daniel Hale Williams School of the Arts Middle School 180 proudly announces the release of “You-Topias: My World, My Rules: Adventure Across Students’ Wondrous Dimensions,” a unique and imaginative book authored by 24 talented students. Published by Maximum Evolution and spearheaded by C.E.O. Chanel Spencer, this collaboration represents a remarkable milestone for the largest stand-alone middle school in Bronx District 11.

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A Tapestry of Young Imaginations

“You-Topias: My World, My Rules” is more than just a collection of stories; it’s an invitation to explore middle school students’ vibrant and boundless imaginations. Each chapter is a portal to a distinct world, meticulously crafted by the students, celebrating their individuality and unique perspectives. From the opulent realms of “The Opulent Golden Empire” by Decoda Ennis to the harmony of “Nirvonia: An All Woman World of Beauty and Harmony” by Faiza Akindunte, these stories highlight the rich, diverse, and imaginative landscapes created by young minds.

Drieforeloria: The Special Place | Nylah Freeman

The Opulent Golden Empire | Decoda Ennis

 Picture Perfect Planet: PPP | Aryanna K Richards

Atabey: The Land of the People | Abalee E. Reyes

Ovilzados..Ovilzados? Ovilzados! | Maritza Sosa Peralta 

Aalencia: A Planet Far and Above | Tamia Shabazz

Phanes: The World in My Headspace | Christopher Nobile

Tyche: The Perfect Place | Adonis J. Lattimer

Galleon | Jahleil Graham

Elliria: Life or Liberty | Kyra Herman

Nirvonia: An All Woman World of Beauty and Harmony | Faiza Akindunte

Xaymaca: Land of Unity | Sudeeka Jarrett

SOUL: Planet Full of Souls | Nazhale Dodson

Planet Earth 232: A New World | Micah Guerrier

Azuron: Land of Good But One Comes Evil | Kathryn Clarke-Belgrove

M1 Unity | Michanna Robinson

Celebrate the boundless creativity of young authors and embark on a journey through their wondrous worlds with “You-Topias: My World, My Rules.” This collaborative book project is a testament to the power of imagination and the importance of storytelling in bridging diverse perspectives.

Synepia: The Power to Open Minds and Create Change | Chanel Thompson

The Nations of 2098 | Jillian Fontimayor

Quaku: Land of the Animals | Christopher Hendricks

Gazetell: A Distant Constellation | Zharana Blake-Forbes

Nephilims: The New and Improved | Tiana Clark

Earth 1794-1795 | Kayden Letts

Sankofa | Loyd Gyimah 

Zetharia: Destruction of Humanity | Elyn Torres

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Embracing Individual Perspectives

The stories in “You-Topias” transcend mere fiction, offering readers a glimpse into the personal backgrounds and experiences that shape each author’s narrative. These young authors explore themes of resilience, unity, beauty, and empowerment through their writing, drawing on their own lives to build intricate and compelling worlds. This collection showcases their storytelling prowess and emphasizes the importance of embracing and understanding diverse perspectives.

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A School’s Triumph

As Dr. Daniel Hale Williams Middle School 180 celebrates its 50th anniversary, the release of “You-Topias” marks a significant achievement for the school community. Principal Marlon P. Williams reflects on this milestone, “Our students’ creativity and tenacity are truly inspiring. This book is a testament to their resilience and imagination, and it represents the culmination of their hard work and dedication.”

Assistant Principal Astere Yemmer and Library Media Specialist and contributing author Demetrious Tsoulos played crucial roles and their continued dedication and passion have helped students enhance student experiences.

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About Dr. Daniel Hale Williams School of the Arts Middle School 180

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams School of the Arts Middle School 180 is a beacon of creativity and learning in Bronx District 11. As a school of the arts, MS 180 offers a unique environment where students thrive in their passions, from music to writing. The school is organized into small learning communities, known as Houses, named after prominent figures like James Baldwin, Barack Obama, Claudette Colvin, and Justice Sonia Sotomayor, embodying the values of Resilience, Integrity, Scholarship, and Empowerment (R.I.S.E.).

Connect with Us:

Principal –  Marlon P. Williams

Assistant Principal – Astere Yemmer

Library Media Specialist & Contributing Author – Demetrious Tsoulos 

Introduction | The Empowerment of Paracosmic Empires

YOU-TOPIAS: The Conclusion

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