CE officially launched, allowing users to enjoy the global inclusive financial dividend

Foreword: Token economy is a part of blockchain technology, and tokens play an important role in the token economy. The current token economy will bestow value on token, so the blockchain technology must first land in the financial field.

CE will launch with glory, and it will burst with great value based on solving industry pain points.

Circular Economy, the first one-stop platform for decentralized circular economy supported by the Ethereum network, will be officially launched on November 7, 2020. The purpose is to solve the disadvantages and pain points of the current traditional centralized finance. As we all know that the traditional centralized financial institutions have gathered a large amount of social wealth and social resources, but at the same time, it has very serious drawbacks.

1. The centralized structure occupies a large amount of social trust, but its internal operations and decision-making are very opaque.

2. The centralized giant company monopolize oligarch dividends, and it is difficult for the public to participate in the development dividends of inclusive finance.

3. The centralized financial institutions have redundant processes and high operating costs.

The original intention of CE is to establish a set of scientific and secure decentralized financial inclusive smart contracts, allowing users to get the monopoly dividends originally occupied by centralized institutions. At the same time, the organization is operated by a third-party smart contract with open sources. So users can safely deposit assets to smart contracts for management.

 CECOIN-Ecological Token of CE 

In the CE ecosystem, tokens play a very important role. As an important link to maintain the operation of the CE ecosystem, CECOIN is a guarantee for the formation of a closed loop of the large ecosystem, carrying the important role of value circulation, purchasing services, obtaining returns, and encouraging interaction. It can be used in a variety of scenarios under the CE ecosystem. At the same time, the combination of CECOIN and CE shows the innovative highlights of CE:

  1. Catering to the trend of DEFI, the financial protocol built on Ethereum has a more systematic and secure basic carrier than TRON. Currently, Ethereum is the world’s largest ecological blockchain project, which can eliminate the hidden dangers of centralization and realizing the true decentralization autonomy.

2. It is the first time to combine financial experiments with governance tokens, so that participants can obtain CECOIN tokens for free and enjoy excess financial benefits while enjoying CE benefits.

CE is a circular economy protocol built on the Etherum network, aiming to allow global participants to have a fantastic experience of inclusive finance under the blockchain revolution with blockchain smart contracts. CE has established a set of scientific and secure inclusive financial participation protocol through blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology. Users can participate in the benefits of CE in the layout of economic cycle system under the security guarantee of blockchain technology. Due to the immutability and transparency of blockchain technology, users’ assets will be fully delivered, managed and distributed by smart contracts, and can be deposit or withdrawn at any time. No one (even the CE founding team) can tamper with and take away the assets of users on the blockchain. CE really enables the public to participate in global Inclusive Finance simply and safely.

In addition, circular economy has a clear business planning layout, and will create a one-stop platform for Defi business such as decentralized lending, asset on chain and DEX!

Conclusion: For the CE ecology, this is just the beginning. As it continues to evolve, more and more partners will participate in the CE ecology, such as traditional industries, authoritative institutions, etc., which will continue to add more values on CE and CECOIN. Although its development is still in an early stage, there is still a huge space of CE and CECOIN for value growth. CE is supported by technology. When it is about to go online, it has attracted close attention in the market, which is enough to show that CE is bound to burst into great value in the near future!

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