Apollo chain will be launched on March 31,2021

Apollo chain has been fully developed and will be launched on March 31,2021.

Apollo chain constant issuance of 99.99 million, Can be obtained through mining machines, APC reduce production by half every year. First two years ,50 million. 25 million in the second two years, 12.495 million in the third two years, And so on, All APC spent 10 years to dig.

 After free registration Apollo chain will send one experience cloud mining machine as gift, daily check-in can get APC everyday.There are different types of mining machine:

Micro cloud mine, small cloud mine, medium cloud mine, large cloud mine, super cloud mine

APC platform uses the most advanced blockchain technology architecture, including the following levels:

Data layer: is a block + linked list data structure, essentially a distributed blockchain.

Network layer: p2p network.

Consensus layer: develop a block chain to obtain money mechanism. POW is used on the platform (Proof of Work Work Work Work Proofing Mechanism)

Contract layer: previous blockchains do not have this layer. So the initial blockchain can only be traded, not for other areas or for other logical processing. But the emergence of the contract layer makes the use of block chains in other areas a reality.

Application layer: the display layer of blockchain. Just like

the etheric workshop uses truffle and web3-js. Blockchain can be mobile, web, or integrated into the existing server, using the current business server as the application layer.

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