A Dystopian Rollercoaster That Will Bend Your Mind and Breach Your Soul

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A Dystopian Rollercoaster that will Bend Your Mind and Breach Your Soul Debut fiction novel introduces an enigmatic heroine on a treacherous quest to befriend her enemy to save a friend.

On the distant planet Aurora Saura, where your body is not your own, the good people cower in basements to avoid the scavengers plaguing the skies. Not far away, on a plateau crisp with ice, an alien overlord toils relentlessly to keep his species whole. And in the sandstone streets of Merrocha, a young girl pedals her fathers tinctures and potions, unaware of the imminent cosmic intervention thats about to unfold. Meet our heroine, Kyjta, whos a deft hand at administering her fathers potions, even when she shouldnt. Her face is marked by an alien brand that sparkles like tears picking up starlight, and shes far too busy plotting revenge to notice one very important fact.

In her debut novel, The Quelling (River Grove Books, Jan. 16, 2024), author C.L. Lauder builds an immersive fantasy world in which the unlucky are branded by an alien stain, marking them for quellingan abhorrent act in which the occupying alien race lay claim to their bodies, suppressing the hosts consciousness. When Kyjta loses an unchaperoned child whos fallen into her care, she faces the dilemma of whether to go after her, risking life and bodily autonomy, and unaware of the alien overlords heinous plans for her.

"The Quelling by C.L. Lauder delivers a gripping tale of survival, revenge, and unexpected alliances in a dystopian world where the consequences of one's actions are etched on their skin…Lauder's storytelling, coupled with a well-crafted world and compelling characters, creates a novel that resonates with readers long after the final page. Fans of dystopian tales will find themselves immersed in a riveting adventure that challenges the boundaries of loyalty, survival, and the enduring power of hope in the bleakest of landscapes." – Readers' Favorite

Unsettling and evocatively written, The Quelling by C.L. Lauder is an affecting work of dystopian fantasy, and an enticing first installment of a new trilogy. The planet of Aurora Saura is overrun by two parasitic invaders: the monstrous Tarrohar and the insidious, body-possessing Rhemans, whose victims are known as "The Quelled." 19-year-old Kyjta must form an alliance with the enemy – the rebel Rheman Kranik – to rescue her friend Calipsie and confront the Rheman leader head-on. With chapters alternating between the perspectives of its two compelling protagonists, The Quelling is an intricate and skillfully realized piece of imagination, unveiling a world that is unlike others in the YA genre, aided by Lauder's precise world-building, consistently eerie atmosphere, and empathetic characters. SPR

"C. L. Lauders imaginative science fiction novel The Quelling centers on heroism, perseverance, and redefinitions of good and evil…Working toward a satisfying conclusion that generates interest in the next installment, the exciting science fiction novel The Quelling introduces differing beings on another planet who forego prejudice to ensure their mutual survival." – Foreword Clarion

An addictive page-turner with a compelling heroine on a thrilling journey of rebellion. – W. Bradford Swift, eco-fantasy author of Rainforest Shawman

A definite must-read for fans ready to immerse themselves in an adventure of ingeniously detailed world-building, vivid imagery, and quests that take you across the realm. – Hannah Pennington, author of The Tindoria Chronicles

Pick up your copy of The Quelling today and visit www.cllauder.com to keep up with C.L. Lauders endeavors.

About the Author

C. L. Lauder grew up in South Africa before immigrating to the United Kingdom, where she attended the University of London to complete an MA in Creative Writing. She now lives at the foot of a lush mountain in Hong Kong with her husband and two rapidly lengthening sons, who all enjoy their newfound proximity to nature, and especially the sea. The Quelling is the first novel in this trilogy, a dystopian fantasy series set in a futuristic universe, and the author looks forward to furnishing you with the next installment, coming soon.

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